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What Every Customer Needs to Know

We are seeing a high volume of fraud that takes place when Online Banking information is given to a non-account holder, leaving the owner responsible for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars of debt. Individual Lakestone Bank & Trust login credentials should never be given out to anyone, known or unknown. If someone requests that you… Read more »


2019 Lakestone Scholarship

Lakestone Bank & Trust has announced that it will again provide up to 6 scholarships of $1,000 to qualifying high school graduates. As a locally owned community bank, Lakestone Bank & Trust wants to encourage and reward graduating seniors who are motivated to obtain a degree. The Lakestone Scholarship is designed to award up to… Read more »


Call Spoofing Scams

Recently, Call Spoofing has been a popular means for obtaining information amongst fraudsters. Call Spoofing is when an individual uses specialized software to make their calls appear as though they are coming from a business or government institution. The scammer will place a series of calls using threats to get personal information from their victims…. Read more »


2018 Prestige Pages

TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS Do you love to travel, but don’t want to do it alone? Here is your invitation to travel with the Prestige Club! We do all the planning so you get to sit back and enjoy the trip. These trips are designed specifically for Lakestone Bank & Trust customers with Prestige accounts. As you near retirement or are enjoying the benefits, the… Read more »